Professional Consultation

One of the beautiful aspects of being a mental health therapist is that we get to work with the complexity of the human experience, while being human ourselves. No matter what modality or theory we use in our offices, our humanity shows up in the room.

We do not believe this is a negative thing, but sometimes our own lens can interfere with our ability to create space and enact support that our clients deserve.

All therapists benefit from professional consultation regarding subjects they don’t specialize in- therapists cannot know all the nuances of all the struggles of humanity. So we need to support each other on this journey.

Whether you are noticing countertransference surface in connection to a particular client or situation or need support in learning a particular modality or want insight into perinatal mood and anxiety disorder or eating disorders, we are here to support you in your role as a therapist.

Professional Consultations can take place virtually or in our Tyler, Texas office.

Consultations are $120/hour for provisionally licensed therapists and $150/hour for fully licensed therapists.

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