LPC- Associate Supervision

Now that we have the excitement of graduation out of the way, you may feel overwhelmed and worried about the next steps. Often the steps after graduation and taking the National Counseling Exam (NCE) are somewhat unclear. As I tell my therapy clients, I am not going to be the right therapist for everyone, but I will help you find your therapist if its not me!

The same goes for supervision… I may not be the supervisor you choose to work with, but I’ll help you if I can! If you’re in the state of Texas, you can go to this link for a list of Board Approved Supervisors from Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council.

In this process, here are a few quick tips:

  1. Find a supervisor who supports you, respects you and invites you toward growth and change
  2. Make sure your supervisor has specific training in the areas you are interested in
  3. Trust your gut
  4. Be willing to ask questions and understand that you are choosing a supervisor and you have a voice!

To often LPC-Associate’s may feel like they are the bottom of the totem pole, but I find that to be an incredibly unhealthy mindset for so many people. You are required to have a supervisor, but you should have a voice in choosing that supervisor. If your place of employment requires you to see someone on staff, make sure you feel good about it. And if you don’t, use the skills you teach your clients to have some uncomfortable conversations to best resolve any disconnect in the supervisory relationship.

As far as working with me, you can find out more about my background and specialties, here and here.

I am happy to work with you as your primary LPC-A supervisor, part time, and even PRN basis. Texas BHEC allows for 2 supervisors, so I’m happy to collaborate with another supervisor if you’d like.

LPC Supervision Rates-
$400/month for 4 hours (primary supervisor)
$120/hour as secondary or PRN basis

60 minute session increments
In person and virtual available
Individual and Group Supervision available, typically alternating between individual and group sessions on a weekly basis

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