Group Therapy

Many people find the idea of being vulnerable with a group of strangers a bit…. unnerving.

HOWEVER, research suggests that group therapy and support groups offer a unique space for deep healing. It can deepen work you’re doing in individual work or open the door to individual therapy. Many of our clients tell us how beneficial they found working in a group… and how surprising it was that they really enjoyed connecting with other group members!

We offer a variety of groups- some are support groups and some are therapy groups. If you’re interested in the difference, we have a blog post coming soon about this!

Some of our groups are offered on a rolling basis (like once a month, indefinitely) and others are offered for set amounts of time.

Group therapy sessions and support groups are conducted with 4-10 people present.

Groups are either process oriented or structured.

Process oriented groups do not have a specific outline, but are designed to support changing issues that come up in group member’s lives.

Structured groups have a time limit and are generally outlined with a detailed agenda for each meeting.

Structured group sessions are often working through a specific curriculum with a specific goal or through a therapeutic book.

Group therapy sessions may be in person or online.


Workshops can be a great investment if you are ready to embark on your growth journey, but aren’t ready or in need of individual or group therapy.

Workshops can be 4 hours to 8 hours and have a specific focus.

Maternal Mental Health of East Texas offers snacks, drinks, and sometimes lunch as a part of workshops, as well as experiential activities.

Our workshops are designed to introduce you to new concepts or deepen new learning by engaging you in talks and hands on activities. From utilizing art and movement to talking and making space for nourishment and stillness, our workshops have the hectic pace of life in mind- and we want it to be a piece of rest for you.

There is no limit on workshop participants and they are stand alone events. We may offer the same workshop throughout the year and you can attend as many times as you’d like, but participants are likely to be a different bunch!

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